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2019 Speedside Contracting

Snow and Ice Management

Our team doesn't quit until the job is done! Our diverse fleet of snow clearing and salting equipment can handle what ever mother nature decides to throw our way, Even when the storm has cleared, our team is out there monitoring for hazardous conditions providing 24/7 ice patrol services. Trusting us with your snow removal needs is a must to ensure your property is kept as safe as possible at all times! Servicing all types of commercial properties. Call us today for a tailored snow removal package for your property!

Speedside Contracting offers the following snow and ice management services:

  • Snow Plowing

  • 24/7 Ice Patrol Services

  • Salting and Liquid De-Icing Applications

  • Snow Haulage and Relocation

  • Site Monitoring

  • Snow Blowing

  • SITEWATCH Log In for viewing service times and tasks

We ensure that during the winter months a large stockpile of salt and other de-icing materials are kept in stock. It gives you the customer peace of mind knowing that we have both the equipment and materials to handle what ever may come our way. Supply shortages happen during those winter months and we take the necessary precautions to avoid those hiccups. 

CALL US: 226-820-4212